After you’ve mastered the basic chords (including the lovely E chord and B flat chord) and a range of strumming patterns in your 5 week absolute beginners course (or equivalent learning elsewhere), you’ll be ready for more! The Beginners 2 course is designed to accelerate you with a leap up towards the Intermediate course material. If you want to explore your position 1 chords, add lots more strums, basic picking and add a bit of sophistication to some really popular songs before moving onto even more extra rhythms and barre chords in the Intermediate Course, then this is the course for you!

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Ongoing in 5 week blocks

With a maximum of 15 people in a class, this intimate teaching environment will enable you to play more songs, more chords, new strumming patterns, how to read tab notation and play basic finger picking patterns, along with some handy tricks to make you sound like you’re playing more complicated things than you actually are. A bit like the absolute beginners course, you’ll learn 2 new songs, with new strumming or finger picking patterns each week, and we provide online resources to help you with your practice at home. If you put some time in, in between the classes, you’ll get a lot out of the 5 weeks. This course is a great way to improve your skill, meet new people and have fun.